CrossFit recently announced another round of season changes to the CrossFit Games, most notably increasing the field for quarter-finals qualification and decreasing the available games spots at semi-finals in some of the strongest regions. With frequent changes to the season structure in the last five years, who has been the most affected by this, and how does it impact the sport for some competitors?

This week, we talk about how the bubble athlete usually gets affected the most and how this can be frustrating when this majority makes up the ecosystem for the sport. We also discuss other ways in which the season could work and how fewer qualifiers and more in-person competitions are more of what every athlete needs in the sport. We’d like to hear from you, the listeners, and see if you have any ideas on how this could work better and how you feel that the season changes will impact your season as a coach or athlete. Drop us a message on Instagram.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [1:00] News, entertainment and British tabloids
  • [3:45] Barbell Spin is “of the people” apparently
  • [5:00] Recent season changes announcement
  • [10:00] Does increasing the field for quarter finals impact qualification for semi finals?
  • [15:00] Does the programming matter as much now as the field becomes stronger?
  • [18:00] Bubble athletes getting the rough end of the changes all the time
  • [20:00] Is there a better way to structure the season
  • [25:00] Athletes placing different at in-person competitions compared to qualifiers?
  • [27:30] Can we structure the season like other sports?