Writing a few specific progressions to get someone fit and strong can be pretty straightforward for most coaches. The challenge comes in combining these progressions into a cohesive training plan.

Some coaches love zooming out and designing templates. Others feel frustrated and like they’re “missing something” — or get caught in analysis paralysis. Either way, template design is an essential skill for coaches.

Especially for intermediate and advanced athletes, having clear priorities in training is often one of the most important things for progression. And, as we’ve said in the past, layering a strength template on top of some conditioning workouts is not sufficient for most athletes.

In this podcast, we discuss creating training templates — from how we manage the training stress throughout the week to progressing specific skills and abilities.

Also, check out the latest Program Design Workshop on ‘Writing Templates’, which we will be doing on Saturday, 17th September.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [2:00] Being more flexible in template design for advanced athletes
  • [2:57] Managing training stress through the week
  • [4:35] Layering metcons and conditioning onto a strength template
  • [5:20] Why can elite athletes can progress from straightforward templates?
  • [6:20] Progressing conditioning is more important for CrossFit than progressing strength
  • [7:30] Developing muscle endurance for CrossFit
  • [9:00] Why intermediates mistake “getting stronger” as the main priority for the sport
  • [10:35] How Todd progresses someone’s muscle endurance and gymnastics
  • [11:30] Training for the cycle time and speed required in CrossFit
  • [14:20] Integrating structured conditioning into chaotic sport practice
  • [16:38] Incorporating grease-the-groove style skill practice into training