Since Adrian Bozman has led the programming for the CrossFit Games, each season has seen more variety in the skills and movements involved.

From the max sandbag to shoulder event at the games to learning cross-over single unders in class, everyone in the sport has felt this inclusion of new skills in some way. This shift in the programming pays homage to the roots of CrossFit, and acts as another variable to progressing the sport, as you can only increase weights and volume to a certain extent.

In this week’s episode, we discuss developing these new skills in training, which skills have been good inclusions (or not), and how to best introduce these skills into competition.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [3:00] Why are we seeing more higher skilled gymnastics movements
  • [6:00] Having to learn new movements on the spot at the CrossFit Games
  • [7:00] What skills are good to learn that shouldn’t be tested in competition
  • [9:30] Trying to get ahead on the possible new skills coming up
  • [11:30] What makes some of these skills harder to judge
  • [15:30] Does “just figure it out” make a good event
  • [17:00] Does CrossFit test athleticism
  • [19:30] How can CrossFit include new skills better