After a competition, athletes are usually keen to get to work and train for potential weaknesses highlighted in the competition. But often, this is too hasty, and it’s wise to have a process figured out on how to approach the review and planning post-competition period.

This week, we discuss some of our processes for reviewing an athlete’s performance after a competition, reducing the noise, and clarifying what needs work. Do you follow what the leaderboard says or go off of the subjective experience of the athlete? Do you let the athlete take the lead, and what happens when their intuition is wrong? Often, surprises come up in competition, which might be hard for the athlete to deal with, but it usually creates a more profound learning experience. Check out this episode to learn more on how to approach this period.

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Show Notes:

  • [3:00] What Luke does in his coaching
  • [6:10] How to debrief after a competition
  • [7:30] Getting surprised on things in competition
  • [9:15] The effects of competition on your health
  • [15:00] What changes do you make in training
  • [17:30] Keeping training reactive and dynamic
  • [20:00] When athletes have the wrong takeaway
  • [22:00] Letting athletes having their input even if they’re not on the right track