Often, when someone comes through the ranks of class workouts and starts to contemplate competing in CrossFit, they conjure up an image of their training having to dramatically change to “take it to the next level”. In reality, they need to get more exposure to the sport and develop experience.

Telling someone to do more of the sport can seem like a cop-out answer, but there is so much to work on and develop in CrossFit; it can take a few years to see where you need to focus your training. In this episode, we talk about how an athlete can get more exposure in an intelligent and structured way. We also discuss the timeline of progress that different athletes have in the sport.

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Show Notes:

  • [1:30] Getting more exposure to the sport
  • [3:50] Structuring your training more like a competitor
  • [7:00] Getting experience to help with pacing
  • [8:30] The low hanging fruit when getting started
  • [11:15] Benefits to focusing on training hard and being consistent
  • [14:00] Quickest timeline from beginner to semi-finals
  • [22:00] Patterns of progress with different athletes