Have you ever returned after doing a course with your brain frazzled and unsure of what to do on Monday?

Well…that is part of the journey in upgrading your knowledge and coaching model, but how can you extract the helpful information to make it workable with the people you coach?

If you’re working with people in person, you can experiment with things immediately. But if you coach athletes online, you don’t have that luxury, and you need to make sure that the things you include in someone’s program are the real deal.

Experimenting in your training is the best way of trying new things and getting tangible experience with how ideas work in practice. We continue this series on coach education and, in this episode, we discuss coach education. We specifically cover how to use new information in your coaching practice. Listen to find out why breathing drills are the hardest thing to get any online client to do, why the last course you did might have a 30-day challenge, and more.


Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [2:00] How to include material from a course into your practice
  • [3:00] Practicing things in person versus online
  • [4:00] Trying things on yourself in your own training
  • [6:00] Why breathing work is really difficult to coach
  • [8:30] Translating your own personal experience into someone else’s training
  • [10:00] Developing the skill of extracting the useful information and passing it on
  • [11:45] The curiosity amongst early adopter coaches in CrossFit
  • [15:45] Similarities between CrossFit and MMA
  • [20:00] What’s the goal of taking the next course?
  • [22:30] Engaging in material fully to eventually upgrade your own model
  • [24:30] Getting repeated exposure from challenges after courses