Curiosity is what gets a lot of coaches into training and eventually becoming coaches, and usually, these people continue to digest a lot of information, content and education about training. But being able to apply this information in a practical setting can be challenging. Especially when much of the information out there isn’t delivered in a way that makes this transition easy.

In this episode, we share our background in continuing education, going into detail about the courses we’ve done, books we’ve read and how we came across and discovered a lot of that information.

We also discuss the importance of making information workable and how some education is purposely watered down so it speaks to their respective audiences better.


Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [1:45] Luke’s journey with continuing education
  • [5:40] Making a point to take in some educational content every day
  • [6:00] Making ideas from education workable for coaches
  • [9:00] Luke’s new learning and education in biomechanics
  • [15:00] Learning for the fun of it versus learning to solve a problem
  • [18:00] Reviewing old learning material
  • [19:30] Luke’s attempts of creating educational content
  • [23:00] Offering a different perspective to help change someones mental model
  • [26:00] Todd’s experience doing a masters in computer science
  • [30:00] Learning through rapid trial and error