With the changes in the structure of the CrossFit Games in the past few seasons, the stakes of the open have changed, with many athletes not needing to take it as seriously. But what happens when CrossFitters see a leaderboard…well they approach it like any leaderboard. Misaligning expectations with the open like this is detrimental, especially if their training is not preparing them specifically for the open.

Although qualification to quarter-finals might be a lot easier for some folk, we can still get some valuable things out of the open. In this episode, we talk about how to manage expectations during the open and where it can be a great tool in sharpening that competitive edge before quarter-finals.

Check out this episode to learn more about how you should structure training around the open and quarter-finals if your goal is quarters, how to practice competing with open workouts, and we share our thoughts on programming new skills at the games.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [2:10] Less emphasis on the open for Jon and his athletes
  • [3:00] How training during the open looks different now
  • [4:30] Is the open a good gauge of your performance and how useful is the leaderboard
  • [5:30] Do you need to manage training volume during the open?
  • [9:10] Using the open to prepare and practice for quarter finals
  • [10:20] Using the open to practice high stakes workouts
  • [12:55] Getting athletes to practice filming workouts
  • [15:00] Learning how to navigate doing qualifiers in busy gyms
  • [16:45] Live competitions versus in-the-gym qualifiers
  • [21:00] High level athletes getting exposed on low skill open workouts and having a wake up call
  • [23:30] Still using the data points of the open even if that’s not the goal
  • [26:30] Creating good and varied open tests without just pushing the volume on everything
  • [31:00] Is the programming better with Boz in charge?
  • [33:00] Luke has superior CrossFit Games knowledge than Jon
  • [35:00] Are games athletes athletic?
  • [36:30] Are new skills being introduced at the games good for spectators?
  • [39:30] Trade offs of including new skills at the games