Since the semi-finals, there has been much talk about PED use at the CrossFit Games. Many athletes were caught this year after the testing at semi-final events, and it has received a lot of attention from YouTubers, blogs like The Morning Chalk Up and finally, our very own podcast!

If you’re after hot takes and gossip, this topical episode has all of that, with Todd and I making wild guesses on questions like- “how many people were on PEDs in this year’s season”.

When we look at PED use in CrossFit and those that are getting caught, it is evident that there are areas around the globe where this is happening more and that the culture around PED use in different regions of the world is different. As CrossFit grows and becomes more global, this is something that the sport will have to navigate more so.

Check out and listen to this episode to hear our cynical views, hot takes and wild guesses on PED use in CrossFit.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [2:00] The culture of PED use in different parts of the world
  • [6:00] PED use coming from top down influence or other factors like previous sports history
  • [9:20] PED use leading to people quitting the sport early
  • [11:25] The balance of CrossFit as a sport vs the methodology
  • [17:00] Is everyone on the sauce?
  • [20:30] What percentage are on or have used at the games?
  • [21:40] What percentage were using during this season?
  • [23:30] Todd and Luke’s cynicism
  • [26:00] PED using in teams at the CrossFit Games
  • [29:00] Contaminated supplements
  • [30:30] Teams that haven’t qualified are not on the drug testing list
  • [32:30] Justifying PED use because someone knows a high level athlete using