With so many different areas to develop in CrossFit, knowing how and what to prioritise in someone’s training can be challenging. Once you’ve created a training split with all the different elements of the sport, there’s not much room for anything else…unless you’re a full-time athlete with high bandwidth for training.

Balancing priorities while maintaining other qualities found in the sport is more a process of subtraction rather than adding in extra training. The sport, competition and leaderboards can help indicate what needs to be maintained, but it can be tough to let go of all that chest-to-bar pull-up practice for better overall performance when you’ve spent a long time developing them.

In this podcast, we continue to talk about designing templates going over how we can identify areas that need to be prioritised and maintained and then how to balance both. Listen to learn more about how sports practice can be a good tool to maintain certain qualities, how baseline ability often dictates a lot of this balancing act and why getting caught up in short-term adaptations can detract from the bigger picture.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [2:00] How to identify what needs maintaining in training using competition experience
  • [4:00] Getting too wrapped in short-term training progressions
  • [5:30] The challenge of moving from very general training to more prioritised training
  • [7:15] Success from a blunt force approach for people who have a lot of bandwidth to train
  • [9:30] How progress varies with people of different baseline abilities
  • [13:00] Starting with very broad training and then prioritising with time
  • [18:00] Todd’s scepticism with “everything is everything”
  • [20:20] Using sports practice to maintain different areas in training
  • [25:00] Staying dynamic once adaptation has been made
  • [27:00] How regression and progression work once adaptation has been made