Athletes love to get wrecked by a really difficult workout.

People training hard often feel that they didn’t do anything productive unless they’re completely destroyed at the end of a session.

While this desire to push to maximum potential can often be helpful, there is a point past which it is no longer adaptive.

The best in the sport are often pacing just under an all out effort – they’re able to do most of their training at a high but controlled effort. Things that look like crazy difficult EMOMs are actually a blend of skill work and muscle endurance work.

So, how often should an athlete push to full on, rolling on the ground, can’t walk afterwards redline in training?

Todd and Jon break down:

  • The dangers of redlining too often
  • When in the season to push hard – and when to dial it back
  • The psychological reasons that athletes feel that they always need to push themselves as hard as possible in their training sessions

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