In a data-heavy sport like CrossFit, it can be pretty easy for athletes to get overwhelmed when setting goals. You have your placings in the open and other competitions and your training numbers. We don’t have much control over leaderboards and tend to overestimate what we can achieve in our training when increasing numbers.

In this episode, we talk about goal setting for CrossFit, how it can be easy to get overly invested in the open and why competing can help you enjoy your training and give you the experience you need to improve.

Check out this episode to learn when data can be helpful and when it can be less helpful in goal setting and know why athletes who manage chaos and setbacks tend to do better in the sport.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [1:30] Goal setting in CrossFit
  • [2:30] Over investing in the open
  • [5:30] Enjoying your training
  • [6:30] Glorifying obsessive and driven CrossFit Games Athletes
  • [10:00] When people do well with goal setting
  • [13:00] Keeping people engaged in training
  • [16:00] Using competitions to guide your goals
  • [22:00] When data isn’t helpful
  • [27:00] Managing chaos and handling setbacks well
  • [30:00] Jon is mentally tough