Recently, CrossFit announced a price increase for the yearly affiliation fee and that you must also hold a CrossFit Level 2 qualification to open an affiliate. This episode is a topical one, where we talk about the value of the CrossFit name now, whether the price increase is warranted and whether this is acting as a filter to elevate the brand name of CrossFit.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [0:30] What is the CrossFit affiliation fee
  • [3:30] Why is there a price increase?
  • [6:00] Jon’s thoughts on the price increase
  • [11:00] Is CrossFit becoming less popular
  • [19:00] Why do you need a level two before opening an affiliate now?
  • [23:00] Is the level two prerequisite overall a positive thing?
  • [30:00] What does Greg Glassman say about all this on Instagram