Episode 83 of the Legion Strength and Conditioning podcast finalises the series in affiliate programming. In this episode, we get tactical and talk about programming specifically for strength training.

A big challenge when programming for groups is balancing the needs and wants of a diverse membership. Some people coming into the gym may never have touched a barbell before, whilst others may be ex-athletes looking for a new recreational sport. Jon and Todd dive into finding the right balance, and they share what has been helpful for them both at their gyms.

Listen to this episode to find out how to use levels in group programming, what different structures keep people engaged in boring old progressive training, and why percentage ranges and flexibility can be more effective than traditional textbook programming.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [2:38] What does leveled programming look like in strength training?
  • [4:40] Is there a role for training weightlifting and higher-skilled movements for general population clients?
  • [6:20] Is Olympic Weightlifting actually dangerous for general population
  • [08:30] A cost-benefit analysis of using high skill movements for group classes
  • [9:45] Balancing appropriate training and CrossFit as a recreational sport
  • [12:35] What do beginners need in strength training? How should a program balance the needs of beginners with the needs of more advanced athletes in classes?
  • [14:50] Creating progression in a general group program
  • [19:00] How to program assistance work while keeping members engaged
  • [23:00] Creating progression throughout a training cycle in group training
  • [26:00] Using percentage ranges rather than specific percentages in programming
  • [27:20] How muscle fibre types can affect peoples stimulus in strength training