The Morning Chalk Up recently posted an article by Hilary Achauer called “Remember When Gyms Programmed Their Own Workouts?

Since all of us Legion coaches have combined decades of experience programming workouts for group classes at gyms, we felt it only right that we vent our thoughts on whether gyms should write their own programming into our microphones for your listening pleasure.

With the rise of several very high quality online programming options available for gyms, it can seem like a no-brainer to outsource the programming aspect of running a gym and focus on more pressing aspects of growing and managing the business.

What is lost by doing this, though? What are the downsides to coaches, and is there a reasonable business case to be made for spending the time and energy writing a custom program?

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that the alternative to a gym hiring out their programming isn’t necessarily a well-designed and fun program that keeps all of their members engaged, safe, and coming back for more.

It’s often a haphazard, WOD that an overburdened owner/operator found while searching Google in between responding to emails.

Check out the full conversation with Jon, Luke, and Todd to learn:

  • When should a gym owner consider outsourcing their programming
  • What are the downsides to members and to coaches to outsourcing programming
  • How can gyms build trust in their programming — whether its outsourced or written in house?

Listen Here

Show Notes:

  • [00:13] How has the landscape changed over the last 10 years for gyms writing their own programming?
  • [02:42] What are the concerns with following a more generalized program? What can go wrong when gyms templated programs.
  • [07:37] What level of skill do coaches need in programming in order to be able to effectively deliver class programming?
  • [15:11] Every group program is going to have people who question the program or argue. How can coaches and owners build trust in the program that they are following?
  • [24:03] There’s a difference between actually coaching and just “administering” a class
  • [27:32] Summary of the positives and negatives of purchasing a templated program or hiring someone outside of your gym to write programming