Athletes who are in between classes and being high level competitors can often feel “homeless” in their training. They may also struggle with calling themselves a “competitor” if they’re not interested in trying to qualify for higher level events or if they still struggle with certain aspects of their fitness.

Still, these athletes often enjoy using the framework of CrossFit as a sport to guide their training and tap into their competitive energy.

In this episode, we try to give these athletes some questions that will help guide their training—and also support their desire to push themselves to improve without feeling like they need to push themselves for elite performance.

Check out the full conversation with Jon, Luke, and Todd to learn:

  • How to set goals in your training when you don’t care that much about doing events or qualifiers
  • Why finding a locally competitive environment can be one of the best things for fulfilling training
  • Why many athletes accidentally stumble into training competitively

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Show Notes:

  • [01:19] A lot of people are interested in treating CrossFit as a sport, but aren’t interested in really dialing in elite performance or doing corny “athlete” stuff. What should these folks think about in their training?
  • [03:52] What kind of goals could someone have for improving in the sport of CrossFit? Just the joy of competing? The process of self-improvement? Having fun in the gym?
  • [08:10] Some people are good enough relative to other people that they feel like they “should” compete, but that doesn’t mean that they have to go all in on developing elite performance.
  • [13:47] Even people who don’t have strong competition goals enjoy getting better—and hate getting worse.
  • [19:52] How can athletes find a local competitive structure that allows them to find fulfillment. And, the value of training with people a bit above and a bit below your current skill level.
  • [24:58] Summary of recommendations for “in between” athletes