For the next mini-series on the Legion Strength and Conditioning podcast, Todd, Jon, and Luke discuss injury and pain and how it relates to CrossFit. Episode 84 kicks things off with a discussion on the relationship many athletes have with pain.

Whether an athlete is dealing with a long term overuse injury or a dislocated shoulder, it’s important that they have realistic expectations of what the relationship between their injury and their level of pain will look like.

In this episode, we talk about some of the differences between a beginner’s experience with pain compared to someone with a more advanced, competitive background.

Check this episode to find out what injuries are typical amongst CrossFit athletes, what navigating a chronic overuse injury might look like, and why top athletes are almost experiencing some sort of injury.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [2:55] What are the typical issues that we commonly see with athletes doing CrossFit?
  • [4:30] The difference between being “hurt” or being “injured”
  • [6:20] What answers are people searching for when navigating pain in training?
  • [8:30] Chronic overuse injuries like golfer’s elbow
  • [9:25] How should athletes at difference levels think about pain?
  • [11:50] Upstream and downstream causes of pain and injury
  • [14:45] Distinguishing between pain and discomfort
  • [16:15] Giving athletes knowledge and frameworks to understand pain and injury
  • [16:50] When should athletes train through pain?
  • [19:00] Working through chronic pain and injuries as a competitive athlete
  • [22:45] Jon’s dry wit
  • [23:30] Top athletes getting injured and tissue damage