In episode 86 of the Legion Strength and Conditioning podcast, Jon, Luke, and Todd continue their mini-series on injury and pain. This discussion focuses on recovering from injury and the return to play process. Athletes and coaches often overreact to an injury, either pushing through pain and discomfort too much or, on the other end, catastrophizing and freaking out.

Strategies for injury management differ between acute injuries and chronic injuries, and the guys talk about what these strategies might look like for a competitive athlete.

Check out this episode to learn more about how to effectively use bulletproofing methods in training, how you might be able to find something to work on while injured, and how to build resiliency.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [3:00] Working through injuries and managing pain while training with chronic issues
  • [4:00] Managing chronic tendinopathy while still practicing your sport
  • [5:00] Overreactions to injury
  • [7:30] Unrealistic expectations for return to play
  • [9:00] How to build back into training
  • [10:00] The importance of training around an injury
  • [12:30] The drawbacks of compartmentalizing injuries too much
  • [14:30] Bulletproofing without reducing overall training volume
  • [15:35] Jon’s adventures with bulletproof coffee
  • [16:25] Todd’s opinion of Dave Asprey
  • [17:00] When athletes overvalue ‘bulletproofing’
  • [18:15] Specializing in movement training benchmarks
  • [19:30] Keeping diversity in your training versus specializing
  • [21:45] Using movement training to add volume to a competitor’s program
  • [22:55] Putting athletes in a position to improve their resiliency