Episode 85 of the Legion Strength and Conditioning podcast is the second part of a mini-series about pain and injury. This episode covers the relationship between technique, fatigue, and injury. Whilst solid technique can reduce the risk of injury, fatigue increases injury risk as well, especially in a sport like CrossFit. Todd and Jon discuss the different factors that can contribute to an injury beyond just sloppy technique.

Listen to this episode to learn why some more experienced athletes ‘get away’ with bad technique, what the guys think about Brooke Wells’s elbow injury at the Games this year, and how other factors such as lifestyle relate to pain and injury.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [2:00] How the risk of injury decreases beginners improve their technique
  • [4:00] A beginner’s ability to create tissue damage compared to a competitive athlete
  • [6:00] Fatigue tolerance level and risk of injury
  • [7:00] Brooke Wells’s elbow injury and fatigue
  • [9:00] More experienced athletes getting away with poor technique
  • [10:30] Stressing tissue when under extreme fatigue
  • [12:30] Why the relationship between technique and injury can sometimes be unclear
  • [14:00] Dealing with the subconscious and injury
  • [19:00] Developing technique or tissue tolerance to reduce injury
  • [23:20] Creating safe training with appropriate programming
  • [25:00] How lifestyle factors impact injuries
  • [27:00] Decoupling the relationship between the activity and pain/injury