Serious athletes often develop overuse injuries. Nagging elbow tendinitis, knees that get cranky with too many squats, stiff low backs after heavy deadlifts. If you’re pushing your performance, some of this is the cost of doing business.

Sometimes, these irritations turn into actual injuries which demand time off from training — or at least time off from certain movement patterns.

But, what about returning to training? Many athletes end up in a grey area where they are cleared to resume their normal activities, but they are not ready to jump back into 100% of their previous training volume or intensity.

How should coaches and athletes think about navigating return to play in sports like CrossFit?

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Show Notes:

  • [00:13] How should people navigate the grey area between injury and returning to full training?
  • [08:40] How to modify painful movement patterns to continuing training
  • [18:33] Being injured is not a binary state. And, how to think about improving stress tolerance in tissues.
  • [24:58] How to add variation to training to help people return to play and work through irritation — and how to increase volume across weeks sustainably
  • [31:00] Why providing a simple solution to a complex problem is effective for getting attention — but not as effective for getting results