It is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture in the fitness and performance industry. There is a lot of misleading information that coaches and athletes have to sift through, which is difficult when the information is accurate most of the time.

But do many of these claims move the needle and improve an athlete on the things that matter? Does doing a lot of zone two work help with CrossFit performance? Do certain mobility protocols help with recovery?

In this podcast, we discuss developing skepticism with certain things in training and coaching and share some of the things we have fallen for as younger, more gullible coaches.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [1:30] Overly scientific claims in the fitness and training industry
  • [3:00] Knees Over Toes
  • [5:15] Structural balance
  • [9:30] Overly mechanistic explanations
  • [11:30] Using studies to support claims
  • [14:00] Making claims about the ‘one’ missing thing
  • [17:30] Going all in on something
  • [19:20] The appeal of very technical explanations
  • [20:00] Luke’s zone two rant
  • [24:30] What slows people down in CrossFit workouts