This year’s quarter-finals workouts were well received by the CrossFit community as a whole. Many enjoyed the simplicity of the workouts, which provided a good challenge for athletes of various levels.

We saw workouts that were more compartmentalised than in previous years. There was less chaos, simpler skills, and no crushingly high volume of work on things like GHD sit-ups. The workouts this year actually present some useful retests and KPIs for athletes to use in their training.

In this episode, we discuss what we liked and didn’t like about the workouts, where we see their utility in testing and benchmarks, and how we will change our programming to adjust to these changes.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [1:30] The ever changing landscape of the CrossFit Games season
  • [3:00] This years quarter finals programming
  • [5:20] Compartmentalising skills in
  • [7:00] Using this years workouts as benchmarks and KPIs
  • [9:00] You don’t need to be peaked to do these workouts unlike before
  • [11:00] Balancing the workouts for different levels
  • [13:00] The legibility of the workouts helping make training decisions
  • [18:00] What we’re going to change in our programming this year