Yearly training plans are often built around competition schedules.

Even casual athletes who just enjoy participating in local events will usually have a few events that they plan their years around. For some, that’s the Open and a few local competitions.

For others, that used to be Regionals and is now Sanctionals…and may be Regionals again?

Right now, though, we have no idea what the competitive landscape will look like for not just the next several months due to COVID-19, but for the entire next year due to the shake-ups at CrossFit HQ.

When will live events return? What will the structure of next season’s CrossFit Games look like?

With all of this uncertainty, many athletes are struggling to find the motivation to train, since they don’t have any qualifiers or throwdowns to look forward to.

So, how should folks be structuring their training? And how can they motivate themselves through the uncertainty — and potentially gain ground on those who have let their fitness slip?

Check out the full conversation with Luke and Todd to learn:

  • How having a competition structure typically helps structure a yearly training plan
  • How to balance “external” and “internal” motivation with a constantly changing competition landscape
  • How to learn the “skill of competing” without in-person events

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Show Notes:

  • [00:13] It’s unlikely that large-scale live events will happen any time soon — and the competition season for the CrossFit Games will almost certainly be significantly restructured for the next year. How can people motivate themselves to train without events on the calendar?
  • [09:30] Yearly training plans are often structured around competitions like the Open and local events, even for casual competitors. How should athletes be structuring their years with so much uncertainty?
  • [15:58] How can people learn to “enjoy the process” and be disciplined with training without an external event to train for?
  • [23:19] How can athletes learn the skill of “competing” in a landscape without in-person competitions?