Episode 82 of the Legion Strength and Conditioning podcast is part three of our series on affiliate programming, with Luke and Todd getting in the weeds on how to actually write a week of training.

Figuring out what to include in a training week can be difficult when working with members who have inconsistent attendance habits and poorly defined training goals. Todd and Luke outline some things they include every week/fortnight to cover all the programming bases bases while keeping members engaged, happy, and improving.

Check out this episode to learn more about applying a biweekly template, balancing structure with traditional CrossFit, and some nitpicky details of what to include in a week of affiliate programming.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [4:30] How to interpret member feedback on programming
  • [8:00] How using general observations can help inform programming direction
  • [9:00] Designing programming cycles with different priorities
  • [11:10] What are the challenges of programming for people without specific goals?
  • [12:40] The key buckets of training to touch on each week
  • [15:50] Balancing structure and less-structured training
  • [19:50] Using an A-week and B-week split to cover all bases in group programming