In a rare topical episode, Luke, Jon, and Todd weigh in on the recent drama surrounding the firing of Dave Castro.

CrossFit firing Dave Castro is like WWE firing Vince McMahon. While Castro had a clear creative vision for the CrossFit Games, there were also obvious downsides to having so much responsibility for an entire sport’s ecosystem in one person’s hands. The guys discuss where this has worked well and where it has caused problems in the past.

Give this episode a listen to see what other programming options there are for the CrossFit Games, how this could benefit the sport’s growth, and what goes into planning and testing out competition workouts.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [1:00] The surprising timing of the announcement of Castro’s firing
  • [6:00] Does CrossFit lose its connection to its past?
  • [7:20] Will more structure to competition be better for athletes?
  • [10:30] Reactions from “old school” versus “new school” athletes
  • [12:30] WWE style spectacle and entertainment
  • [13:45] Balancing novelty and consistency in the Games programming and the potential benefits of more structure to the programming
  • [19:40] Developing an infrastructure and ecosystem in competitive CrossFit
  • [21:00] Hells Angels or CrossFit HQ?
  • [22:00] Changing workouts during competition
  • [23:30] Considerations for testing and planning competitions