This week, we look at Flux Training intervals again and how a coach might programme that for a CrossFit athlete. We also touch on some different, less tangible KPIs to look at when measuring an athlete’s performance or improvement, mainly an athlete’s ability to recover while doing work and how Flux Training can help build the fitness and pacing skills to do that.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [1:00] Luke’s recent use of Flux Training with his athletes
  • [4:30] Making work intervals slower to keep the recover intervals more productive
  • [6:10] Using flux training with mixed work
  • [10:30] Alternative ways of measuring improvement in interval training
  • [14:30] Keeping workouts aerobic or being able to recover while doing work
  • [18:00] The difference between endurance sports and CrossFit
  • [21:30] How to programme this for a CrossFit athlete