With a week to go until the open, there are probably a lot of athletes on the bubble of quarter-finals putting in those final touches to their training. But is it too late to work on those training progressions?

Many of the athletes on the bubble likely have one thing that prevents them from being more certain about being in the top 10%.

They are either not strong enough, don’t have the skills or need to work on their engine. It might be heavy deadlifts in a workout or getting multiple muscle-ups at the end of a workout that stops them in their tracks. Or, even though they might have all the skills, they get a pretty average score on the more engine-focused workout.

So what can these bubble athletes do to set themselves up for success in the next few weeks? First, having clear expectations is going to be essential. Then, knowing how much improvement is realistic and how you can maximise your current abilities in a competition scenario will put you on the front foot. After that, you’ve got to do more of the thing you struggle with in open-style workouts.

Check out episode #111 and hear what we think might need some slight adjustments in the training before the competitive season starts.

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Show Notes:

  • [1:00] The three things that prevent people from qualifying
  • [4:00] What you should be focusing on in your training before the open
  • [6:00] Having realistic expectations with your skills during a peaking phase
  • [7:00] What to focus on during a peaking phase
  • [9:10] Practicing realistic scenarios in training
  • [12:00] Working on smaller details during workouts
  • [14:00] Practice being judged and film yourself in your workouts
  • [17:00] Being clear on what it is that will move you forward to quarter-finals
  • [19:00] challenge of quick wins not being the thing
  • [20:00] Challenging yourself in
  • [21:10] If you don’t have it – set yourself up for that point
  • [24:30] Make sure you’re working on the right thing
  • [27:00] Recreating the intensities and the stakes involved in a workout