In this episode, Jon shares his experience at the CrossFit Games, coaching CrossFit Omnia to another top-ten finish in the team division. We talk a lot about balancing the weight and order of the events with cuts at the games. This year saw the cuts happening after two days of a heavy engine focus in the programming, which would have affected a lot of teams and athletes that might be more suited to typical CrossFit style events. Is this something to be expected at the CrossFit Games, or could it be managed better? Check out this episode to hear about Jon’s experience at the games and our thoughts on all things programming, cuts and strategy for the games.

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Show Notes:

  • [0:45] Jon’s reflection on the 2023 CrossFit Games
  • [2:00] Omnia’s performance on the first two days
  • [5:45] Taking risks in competition
  • [8:00] Is there a way to ‘game’ the games?
  • [9:30] The engine biased events at the games
  • [11:30] Why are European teams generally better at endurance based events
  • [13:30] The tactics of the bike event
  • [17:30] Heavily strategy based events at the games
  • [20:00] Cuts at the games and the order of the workouts
  • [24:30] Is the games improving and getting better?
  • [26:45] The testing determines the results