While we are still waiting for some details to be announced, the 2021 CrossFit Games season is starting to take shape.

In an ideal world, we will see the best aspects of the Regionals system and the best aspects of the Sanctionals system combine.

In a less than ideal world, Covid will throw a wrench in the 2021 season much like it threw a wrench in the 2020 season.

With the uncertainty in the air, how should athletes approach training for the 2021 Open? What should change for people who are prioritizing The Open compared to people who know they stand a good chance of making it to the Semifinals?

Listen to the full conversation with Jon and Luke to hear more about how to plan for the upcoming 2021 CrossFit Games season.

Listen Here

Show Notes:

  • [00:13] Quick breakdown of the announcements for the structure for the 2021 CrossFit Games season.
  • [07:40] How should athletes approach The Open vs the Quarterfinals vs the Semifinals?
  • [17:20] How will the semifinals era compare to the Regionals era?
  • [23:04] Adapting to potential shifts in the season structure based upon new announcements and the situation with Covid.
  • [32:00] What is Jon doing for his athletes—some of whom are prioritizing the Open, some of whom are prioritizing the Quarterfinals, and some of whom are prioritizing the Semifinals? How should people think about training for and peaking for The Open?