How much does your performance in the Open matter if you are confident that you will make it to Quarterfinals?

Many athletes have shifted their focus in training away from the Open and onto Quarterfinals, but staying focused on the bigger picture goal after a disappointing Open finish can be difficult.

While Open finishes can provide helpful data points in guiding training priorities, it’s dangerous to get too attached to specific scores. In previous years, many athletes would specifically train for and peak for the Open. Now, with the focus on Quarterfinals, Open performances will be a bit more all over the place.

As we head into Quarterfinals weekend, this episode of the Legion Strength and Conditioning podcast discusses the challenges in maintaining focus on the primary goal with for athletes who know they are going to make it through the Open. Listen to learn more about how to adapt to new challenges in the sport, prepare for a competition like Quarterfinals, and cope with difficult results in qualification stages of competition.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [2:30] How the new structure of the CrossFit Games season effects goal-setting
  • [7:35] How to handle underperforming relative to the field
  • [9:45] Anomalous workouts in CrossFit competitions
  • [11:45] How to stay focused on the bigger picture goal
  • [13:45] Getting exposed due to not building enough functional volume in certain movements
  • [16:30] Training has to reflect what will be tested at your goal stage
  • [19:10] Quarterfinals simulation weekends
  • [20:30] The importance of being rested and healthy going into competition
  • [26:00] Being flexible and dealing with unexpected challenges in competition