In Episode 79 of the Legion podcast, we discuss how much CrossFit people should be doing — particularly intermediate athletes. How much time should they spend doing training with structured progression and how much time should they be doing chaotic CrossFit workouts?

Athletes often get to an intermediate level either through the brute force method of a “just doing a lot of CrossFit,” or through a more structured strength and conditioning program. There is value in both approaches, but how do know when it’s time to switch from Turkish get-ups and rowing intervals to more thrusters and pull-ups?

Luke, Todd and Jon talk about the merits and drawbacks of biasing training too far in one direction, the importance of buy-in from athletes, and how social influences affect training decisions. Check out the full conversation below.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [2:50] How to find the low hanging fruit in someones training
  • [6:35] What are the competing priorities in training — and how should they be balanced?
  • [08:50] How do social influences affect buy in and training decisions
  • [15:00] Why adherence is so important
  • [21:10] How does being the best in the gym affect an athlete’s training?