Episode 78 of the Legion podcast gets tactical and provides strategies for breaking up your reps in different conditioning workouts.

When performing conditioning workouts, there are a lot of moving parts to consider when devising a plan. For example, how many reps should you do unbroken, how much time should you take between singles, and is it better to break things up into small sets or big chunks?

In this episode, Jon and Todd discuss some of the different pacing strategies you can implement while you do conditioning workouts, and how to tune into your body’s fatigue signals so you can adjust your plan as needed.

Listen and find out some things like how to break up a fifty rep chipper vs a high turnover workout like Cindy, why failing in training can be necessary, and why some athletes seem to have a magical intuition and pace their workouts perfectly.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [5:10] The importance of developing intuition through training experience — and understanding your body’s fatigue signals
  • [7:05] Why hitting failure in training can help us learn to pace more effectively
  • [19:20] How should break up reps in long workouts? Short workouts? Chippers with big sets?
  • [28:50] How should athletes who tend to occlude or “blow up” on certain movements pace those movements?
  • [41:45] Summary and practical takeaways on breaking up your reps