Episode 80 of the Legion podcast is the first part in a series where Todd, Jon and Luke discuss programming for group classes at gyms.

Programming for individuals is more straightforward than programming for groups. Individuals usually have specific goals, specific strengths, and specific weaknesses which guide the program design process. However, when programming for a gym, there needs to be a balance between the fitness and health goals of the members, what they like doing, and what they need to do.

Groups can be finicky, and may not find structured, progressive training to be “fun enough.” However, just giving them hard metcons all the time is not the best solution.

One of the biggest challenges with gym programming is aligning the members, the coaches, and the gym’s ownership. It’s not as simple as just coach and athlete now.

Listen to find out some of the biggest trade-offs you need to consider when programming for a gym and group classes, and how to communicate to create trust between everyone involved in the programming process.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [2:25] What group classes members “want” vs what group class members “need”
  • [3:45] Logistical considerations when programming for a gym
  • [11:20] How to anticipate likely problems in your programming
  • [18:30] Educating gym members through effective communication of programming
  • [23:20] Reducing session volume to promote better quality coaching