This is the second part of our interview with MaryKay Dreisilker after our first interview got cut short due to some internet connection issues.

MK qualified for the 2020 CrossFit Games with a 35th place finish in the Open, and she recently did a well-received workshop for members at South Loop Strength & Conditioning on how to handle the stress of COVID-19, as well as the inertia and difficulty getting things done that many of us feel while stuck at home.

We figured that these concepts were worth sharing with a larger audience, so we had MK back on to discuss how she thinks about mental resilience during challenging times.

Check out the full conversation with Jon, Luke, Todd and MaryKay to learn:

  • How to “self start” during unstructured days and overcome the inertia of sitting at home
  • How to balance the rigidity of having structured, planned out days with the need for freedom and adaptability
  • How to break the cycle of feeling overwhelmed – and how to start taking action even when you’re feeling stuck and paralyzed

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Show Notes:

  • [00:58] How to manage stress in uncertain times – and how MK is dealing with the difficulties of “self-starting” with unstructured days and lack of motivation.
  • [13:20] How does MK manage the rigidity of having structure to her days with the necessity to have freedom and adaptability?
  • [24:20] How to handle plans going awry – and how to react when you’re unable to finish what you think you’re going to be able to do in a given day.
  • [29:12] The dangers of negative feedback loops – and how to prevent yourself from starting a downward spiral of negative emotion when things aren’t going well.
  • [39:52] “Action brings clarity” – How should people start to take action when they’re feeling overwhelmed?
  • [47:15] How is MK dealing with emotions related to the uncertainty of the current CrossFit Games season? And, what positive habits is MK focusing on to stay centered?
  • [01:03:53] How to learn more from MK