We recently received a question about improving weightlifting technique for CrossFitters — especially for folks who are trying to hit heavier lifts in conditioning workouts.

It’s challenging to incorporate skill work into training in addition to the volume most athletes are already doing in order to get stronger and improver their conditioning. And, even if an athlete does make technical improvement, they often revert back to bad habits once they reach a certain weight threshold or once they’re tired enough in a conditioning piece.

So, how should athletes think about incorporating weightlifting skill work into their CrossFit training? Luke has experience on the Burgener Strength (formerly CrossFit Weightlifting) seminar staff, so he breaks down some of his favorite ways to improve technique for CrossFitters. We also discuss the value and application of skill transfer exercises like snatch balances, overhead squats, and no hook/no feet/no touch snatch and clean variations.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [0:13] Ways to incorporate weightlifting skill work into CrossFit training: EMOMs, special exercises, etc. How to blend technique work with lifting heavy and doing metcons.
  • [10:27] Improving your “worst possible performance” is more important for most than improving your “best possible performance”
  • [18:13] The role of squatting and snatch balances in improving weightlifting numbers. And, there’s not one “special exercise” or “special cue” that will fix technique issues.