Coaching athletes remotely has its challenges — and they aren’t just limited to communication.

On this episode of the Legion podcast, we discuss the subtle cues we look for when watching athletes train in life, and how we can try to get that some information from athletes who are training remotely.

While the improvement in cell phone camera technology and the ease of sending video around has made remote coaching a lot easier, it’s still tough to be able to see when an athlete is starting to “lost it” early on a conditioning piece or when they’re beating their head against a wall attempting the same heavy snatch weight over and over again.

In a remote coaching relationship, the goal is to teach athletes to be able to make subtle adjustments to their training themselves.

Check out this conversation with Jon, Luke, and Todd to hear our thoughts on remote vs in person coaching.

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Show Notes:

  • [0:13] Working with athletes and transitioning from in person coaching to remote — or vice versa
  • [5:03] Learning from training with more experienced athletes. And the challenges of communicating technique tips in a remote coaching environment.
  • [12:03] What are things that coaches can pick up while watching athletes train that are hard to spot remotely?
  • [18:31] How do we recognize when someone needs to be pushed more and when they need to be pulled back? What are the common types of mistakes that athletes make in training?
  • [26:37] Athletes often continue making the same types of mistakes: being too rigid, being too sloppy, overpaying, underpaying, etc.