Since the Open is often very heavy on conditioning and high repetition gymnastics, many athletes looking to do well attempt to reduce their bodyweight and their body fat percentage leading into the Open.

Is this a good idea? Coach Dan Magalhaes has some insights here into when an athlete may want to focus on their body composition – and when it can have a catastrophic effect on performance.

[0:27] Should I lose body fat and cut weight going into the Open?
[2:06] Do I need to hit a specific body fat percentage in order to be competitive?
[3:36] Is there a time for performance-based athletes to focus on changing body composition?
[4:24] Why do many high level athletes claim to “forget to eat all day” while training with high volume and high intensity?
[5:05] What can I expect to happen to my performance while I’m trying to do a cut?

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