Many athletes are consistently shooting themselves in the foot by making this one mistake: they flat out don’t eat enough food.

When you’re training to be the best that you can be and to maximize your potential, it’s essential to eat in a way that supports your goals and your time in the gym.

However, much of the information out there about health, aesthetics, and longevity can be dangerously misapplied to folks who are training to compete in a sport like CrossFit® that requires long hours in the gym – many of which are spent training at high intensity.

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Join our webinar with Mike Kesthely of Nova 3 Labs to learn:

•How to come up with a reasonable calorie calculation for an athlete competing in CrossFit®
•What are the hormonal consequences of under-eating?
•How should an athlete go about increasing or decreasing consumption if they find out they are over or under-eating?
•What are the differences between training and eating for performance, for health, and for longevity?