Andy Edwards started CrossFit back in the days before Reebok.

When every workout video on featured people just absolutely sprinting out of the gate on every workout…and dramatically redlining 45s in.

This is before the time of Instagram. Before sponsorships, gymnastics grips, kinesio tape, and the Open. Before you could just log on to the world wide web and purchase bumper plates, gymnastics rings, or medicine balls.

Since then, he’s joined the CrossFit Level One seminar staff, and he has also coached Jamie Greene to an 8th place finish at the CrossFit Games in 2017, an 11th place finish in 2018, and a nail-biter of a second place finish at the Dubai CrossFit Championship last week.

Luke and I got together with Andy to have a roundtable discussion on best practices in training and coaching, and to learn some of the details of what goes on behind-the-scenes coaching one of the best athletes in the sport.

Check out our webinar with Andy Edwards on intensity in training to learn:

•Why some athletes can put up crazy numbers in training…but struggle to have success on competition day
•How Andy structures a week of training for his elite athletes…including how often he has his athletes touch high intensity training throughout the week
•Why Andy prefers prescribing specific paces in conditioning workouts instead of using an RPE scale (rate of perceived exertion)
•How Andy figures out what Jamie is capable of…given that she is one of the best competitors in the world and doesn’t have many athletes with whom she can compare her scores

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Check out more from Andy here:

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