Engine at Home: How to get better at CrossFit while training at home

With a lot of people training at home, a lot of people are just trying to maintain their fitness. But, some are actually looking to get better and improve while their training options are limited. In this post, we’ll break down a theoretical progression for how to improve your conditioning and develop the ability to … Continue reading "Engine at Home: How to get better at CrossFit while training at home"

What’s a CrossFit Games athlete doing during “shelter in place”?

All across the world, athletes are moving their training from the gym to spare bedrooms, awkward spaces in living rooms, and garages. We’re trying to make do with a grab bag of oddball equipment choices. We no longer have Speal bars, bike ergs, assault runners, and pairs of dumbbells of any weight we want. Instead, … Continue reading "What’s a CrossFit Games athlete doing during “shelter in place”?"

How to Build Your Engine: Training Your Weaknesses

In our previous installment in this series, we laid out some archetypes for athletes looking to improve their conditioning and build their engine. We also included some tests and assessments that you can use to figure out where your biggest weaknesses are. It’s not enough to just know that you “need to work on your … Continue reading "How to Build Your Engine: Training Your Weaknesses"

How to Build Your Engine: What Type of Athlete are You?

After a long, tough workout, athletes often end up on their backs thinking something like, “I really need to improve my engine.” Whether it’s an open workout like 19.1 with 15 minutes of rowing and wall balls, a 2000m row time trial, or a spicy 10 minute AMRAP of thrusters, double-unders, and box jumps, athletes … Continue reading "How to Build Your Engine: What Type of Athlete are You?"

10 Reasons you can’t do Bar Muscle-Ups

The bar muscle-up is an elusive skill for many athletes. Even athletes who are somewhat capable in the movement often find themselves repeatedly slamming their chest to the bar – unable to make it through the transition point and unsure what mysterious factors result in their “hit or miss” capacity in the bar muscle-up. There’s … Continue reading "10 Reasons you can’t do Bar Muscle-Ups"

6 Reasons You Struggle to Find the Rhythm with Toes-to-Bar

Trying to string together consecutive reps on toes-to-bar? Whether you’re a beginner or a CrossFit veteran, you may be asking yourself, “Why can’t I get more than one rep at a time?” Or, “Why am I swinging all over the place?” Or even, “Why can’t I do toes-to-bar?” Searching for the answer online can lead … Continue reading "6 Reasons You Struggle to Find the Rhythm with Toes-to-Bar"

Designing Training for the CP Battery

Note: This post originally appeared on the South Loop Strength & Conditioning blog. At South Loop Strength & Conditioning, we have regular coaches’ meetings. During these meetings, in addition to the standard boring business stuff about new protocols and pending equipment orders, we also spend a lot of time on continuing education. The prescriptions that … Continue reading "Designing Training for the CP Battery"

The Training Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid schemes are just misunderstood. Sure, having people pay money to join some sketchy organization just so that the person above them can recoup their buy-in cost is bad. But in training? A pyramid approach is vital to success. For the athletes at the top of our sport, the peak of their training is on … Continue reading "The Training Pyramid Scheme"

Cutting the Knife with Tension

Tempo Strength Work. For some it’s the stuff of nightmares, for others it’s the road to improved strength, function and performance. The theory of tempo within training means designating a period of time to perform the eccentric, pause at the bottom, concentric and pause at the top in any movement. There are many benefits to … Continue reading "Cutting the Knife with Tension"

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

A question I often ask my athletes is, “Are you satisfied with the result?” In reality, whichever way you answer I’ll be judging you, but the thought process behind satisfaction gives us important information to build on. Often people will view being “satisfied” with an outcome as quitting. It’s a popular stance to claim you’re … Continue reading "I Can’t Get No Satisfaction"