Designing Training for the CP Battery

Note: This post originally appeared on the South Loop Strength & Conditioning blog. At South Loop Strength & Conditioning, we have regular coaches' meetings. During these meetings, in addition to the standard boring business stuff about new protocols and pending equipment orders, we also spend a lot of time on continuing education. The prescriptions that … Continue reading "Designing Training for the CP Battery"

The Training Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid schemes are just misunderstood. Sure, having people pay money to join some sketchy organization just so that the person above them can recoup their buy-in cost is bad. But in training? A pyramid approach is vital to success. For the athletes at the top of our sport, the peak of their training is on … Continue reading "The Training Pyramid Scheme"

Cutting the Knife with Tension

Tempo Strength Work. For some it’s the stuff of nightmares, for others it’s the road to improved strength, function and performance. The theory of tempo within training means designating a period of time to perform the eccentric, pause at the bottom, concentric and pause at the top in any movement. There are many benefits to … Continue reading "Cutting the Knife with Tension"

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

A question I often ask my athletes is, “Are you satisfied with the result?” In reality, whichever way you answer I’ll be judging you, but the thought process behind satisfaction gives us important information to build on. Often people will view being “satisfied” with an outcome as quitting. It’s a popular stance to claim you’re … Continue reading "I Can’t Get No Satisfaction"