For our next podcast series, we will discuss the business of remote coaching. To start, we are sharing our personal experiences of getting started coaching athletes remotely.

All three of us started coaching athletes online in the early 2010s — a time when remote coaching was still new in the CrossFit space.

While being a remote coach sounds like a great digital nomad lifestyle, each of us was able to get started with remote coaching by working with people in person. In order to get programming clients, you need to have trust. Some people get this trust by coaching successful athletes or celebrities within the CrossFit space. For most, however, this trust comes from in-person relationships and being legitimately helpful.

Listen to episode 97 to hear old tales of qualifying for regionals, Jon’s secret double under training for open workout 11.1, and how the online coaching space has developed over the years.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [1:15] Jon’s story
  • [4:50] Jon’s competitive background
  • [8:00] Jon’s secret training methods for double-unders
  • [9:30] When did competitors start transitioning from blog programming to coaching?
  • [11:40] Luke’s story
  • [16:00] The benefits of working with people in a hybrid setting
  • [20:30] How have client goals shifted since the pandemic?
  • [21:45] How is development in the sport of CrossFit changing the typical remote coaching client?
  • [24:40] Todd’s story
  • [27:00] Many coaching relationships come from being in the right place at the right time
  • [28:30] The benefits of in-person relationships
  • [29:25] How the OPEX CCP influenced Todd and Luke
  • [33:00] How did people think you should train for CrossFit pre-2014?