In competitive CrossFit, most people tend to either consistently go out too hot on every workout (and have a melt down a few minutes in), or they tend to overpace everything and always feel like they had more in the tank to give.

Based upon this, a coach needs to be able to understand what kind of prescription will give each athlete what he or she needs in order to improve understanding of the appropriate effort for a given situation.

So, is the best way to do this by giving athletes freedom to feel things out? Or is it to give them prescribed paces and weights so that they have to learn how the feel when tasked with accomplishing a specific prescription.

Todd, Jon and Luke break down:

  • Why the chaos of CrossFit can disrupt some of the principles of linear progression from traditional endurance and strength training models
  • Why prescribed paces and weights can work to hold athletes back in training – so that they can spend their adaptation currency elsewhere
  • How to know when athletes don’t know how to pace and need to learn to calm down – and when athletes overpace and need to learn to push themselves

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