On a recent episode of Talking Elite Fitness, Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland interviewed Dave Castro about the way that the CrossFit Games season will be structured going forward.

With all of the upheaval in the CrossFit world, it’s no surprise that we will likely see huge shake-ups in the qualification process for the Games starting in 2021.

How can CrossFit take the best of the Regionals era of qualification and potentially integrate some of the aspects of the Sanctionals era?

Will CrossFit develop a better relationship with athletes, event organizers, sponsors, and coaches under Eric Rosa’s leadership?

Check out the full conversation with Jon, Luke, and Todd to learn:

  • What we think the new normal will look like with multiple prestigious events run by CrossFit, Loud and Live, and potentially other players yet to enter the space
  • Which aspects of the Sanctionals season CrossFit should keep – and which they should get rid of
  • How HQ can help develop a participatory ecosystem of well-run competitions to build a grassroots interest in the sport of fitness

Listen Here

Show Notes:

  • [00:13] What were the positives of the Regionals-era of the CrossFit Games season? What were the positives of the Sanctionals-era of the CrossFit Games season? How can the sport be legitimately professionalized for the athletes involved?
  • [11:47] What’s the possibility of multiple different “seasons” or competitions for functional fitness – including the CrossFit Games, the IF3, and Loud and Live events? How should qualification for the CrossFit Games work in the new era?
  • [22:20] How do we differentiate CrossFit as a participatory sport vs the CrossFit Games season? Are there things to learn from other sports that have an ecosystem with multiple tiers of sanctioned, live events (like weightlifting)?
  • [31:40] How should CrossFit HQ support the grassroots development of local competitions?