We find that a lot of athletes are doing most of their training in either CrossFit classes or with a small group of “more competitive” friends – and that they’re often trying to figure out how to tack on additional training sessions to what they’re already doing.

For athletes looking to get stronger, this can be tricky since they are often trying to mash together a squatting or weightlifting cycle with a program focused on “CrossFit.”

So, how much additional work should these athletes be doing?
And how much is too much when it comes to adding in additional strength work?

To find answers, we need to understand the concept of “adaptation currency.”

Each athlete has a certain amount of training that they can adapt to in a given week, and they need to spend that “adaptation currency” wisely.

This means prioritizing ruthlessly when adding stuff into your training – especially when you’re already doing a program with a lot of volume.

Check out the full conversation with Jon, Luke and Todd to learn:

  • What are the trade-offs between training with a group (either in classes or with friends) versus focusing only on the most important things for you
  • How to find low-hanging fruit that you can improve with targeted additional training
  • How to structure a week of additional sessions on top of your existing programming

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Show Notes:

  • [00:13] What are the trade-offs between doing classes with additional programming vs following a fully individualized program?
  • [10:00] Why training with others can help people who don’t always have the time or energy to train?
  • [15:13] How should athletes think about their priorities in training – especially if they’re already doing a standard CrossFit program in their classes?
  • [25:30] How to think about spending your adaptation currency wisely – and why athletes should focus on low-hanging fruit.
  • [30:34] Some specific recommendations for mapping out a training week and selecting priorities for additional strength work.