Is working on your mindset all it’s hyped up to be? Is it actually what people need to maximise their potential, or can it misalign expectations and cause a lot of wasted time?

In this week’s episode, Todd talks about ‘Collective Teacher Efficacy’, presented to him in his rationality group. We draw on some of the parallels found in fitness.

Collective Teacher Efficacy claims that teachers having a belief in making an impact is what helps teachers be effective educators when the evidence points towards a different, much simpler direction, whether home life values and supports education. We see this in fitness a lot, with specific coaches claiming that their methods or less tangible things like mindset make people successful.

Listen to learn more about our thoughts on having a helpful outlook on mindset in training. For example, when having an anything is possible mindset can help get someone off the couch, but not so beneficial in unpredictable competitive sports.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

  • [0:50] Fitness knowledge in rationality groups
  • [2:10] Common problems in education
  • [4:20] What is Collective Teacher Efficacy
  • [6:20] Parallels in fitness
  • [7:30] The actual cause of success in a student’s education
  • [8:45] Problem with mindset stuff in fitness
  • [9:30] Causation, correlation and speculative YouTube videos
  • [11:45] Mindset and misaligned expectations
  • [13:30] Cultural narratives trickling down into sports
  • [14:40] Can you accomplish whatever you want?
  • [15:30] Messages that sell in the training world
  • [17:20] Helpful messages for the average gym goer, but not for the competitive athlete
  • [21:00] Encouraging a realistic outlook with clients
  • [22:18] Is having a mindset of anything possible the way you achieve your best
  • [24:45] Parallels in the business world
  • [27:10] Coaches should build their athletes up with small wins