A. Pause Clean Pull + Paused Clean + Hang Clean – 6×1+1+1 (pause below knee for one second); Rest 2 minutes

B. Sumo Deadlift – Quickly build to a tough double


Every 30-sec x 12
1 – 10 Weighted Jump Split Lunges
2 – 10 Russian KBS
3 – 10-sec Assault Bike (build to 90%)

+ (Rest 3 minutes)

Every 30-sec x 12
1 – 7 Thrusters @95/65-lbs
2 – 7 Hang Squat Cleans @95/65-lbs
3 – 7 Hang Squat Snatch @95/65-lbs

Positional focus for the clean and then the same scenario with your strength as you’ve had in previous weeks. For the conditioning we have a new progression where we will be looking at battery work on the barbell. The weights get lighter and the volume increases which seems to be a running theme in workouts this year in the CrossFit Games and other competitions.

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