A) Weighted Strict Pronated Chest to Bar Pull-Up: Build to a tough 2.2 (rest 5-10-sec between cluster sets); Rest 2-3 minutes between attempts

Then perform 3×4 @90% of the heavy set (Note: your drop set percentage is based off of external weight plus bodyweight, if you’re not achieving much external weight on the heavy set and the drop sets will look fairly similar in volume to C1 then skip the drop sets and move to C1 – if you’re unsure then ask on the Facebook group)

B1) Pronated Chest to Bar: 4x 90% of last weeks best set; Rest 1 minute

B2) Dumbbell Z-Press: 4×6-8; Rest 2 minutes


15 minute EMOM
1 – 6-8 C2B Pull-Ups + 4/4 Dumbbell Squat Snatch @50/35-lbs
2 – 4-6 Strict Ring Dips + 25′ Dumbbell Front Rack Walking Lunge @50/35-lbs/hand
3 – Easy Ski/Row

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