A. Clean + Hang Clean + Front Squat – 1x(1+1+3), 2x(1+1+2), 3x(1+1+1); Rest 2 minutes
B. Segmented Clean Pull (pause below knee, above knee and mid thigh) – 4×4; Rest 2 minutes
C. Paused Stop Front Squats* x2 – EMOM 10’
*Perform squat as usual but pause out of the hole on the way up ~just below parallel
4 Sets:
90-sec Window (7 Hang Power Snatch @115/80-lbs + 5 Burpee Over Bar + Assault Bike @85% remainder time)
90-sec Rest
90-sec Window (7 Overhead Squats @115/80-lbs + 5 Burpee Over Bar + Ski Erg @85% remainder time)
90-sec rest
*Record avg split and RPM as well as Calories/Distance per round

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