This week will be a reset week where the focus will be on completing the Open and then having some down time with training. If you have already completed 18.5 and do not plan on repeating then you can either perform what is written for this weeks programming which will mainly consist of recovery based work, or we equally encourage you to get involved with the class programming at your local gym.
For those not repeating 18.5
Either join a class at your local gym or perform the following.
A. Box Jump – 5×1.1.1 (keep this moderate and not too high)
B. Back Squat – 3×5 @31X1 Tempo; Rest 2 minutes
C1. Single Arm Overhead Walking Lunge – 3×25’/arm; Rest 60-sec
C2. Dumbbell Death March – 3×50’; Rest 60-sec
15 minute EMOM
1- Assault Bike @75%
2- Round of Strict Cindy
3- Rest
For those repeating 18.5
Warm Up –
5-10 minutes of easy aerobic work
Dynamic movement prep (focus on shoulders/overhead and hips/squat)
2 Sets:
5/arm Single Arm Kettlebell Thrusters
5 Scapular Pull-Ups @2121 Tempo
20-sec Kip Swing
30-sec Deadbugs
Build to a moderate double Squat Clean Thruster
Warm up Thrusters and C2B in small sets focusing on quality fluid movement
Assault Bike
10-sec (escalating pace to 97% in last 3-sec)
50-sec Rest
30-sec Assault Bike @80-85%
5 Thrusters @100/65-lbs
3-5 C2B Pull-Ups
Rest 60-sec
20 minute Assault Bike (easy spin)

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