For Monday those doing an open repeat do the following
30 minutes @70%
500m Row
10 SA Overhead Dumbbell Walking Lunge/side @35/20-lbs
50’ DBall or Dbl KB Front Rack Carry (moderate)
500m Ski or 400m Run
20 Single Arm Russian Kettlebell Swing @24/16kg (work on rotating with the KB)
25’ DBall Shoulder Carry + 5 DBall on Shoulder Squats/side (moderate)
18.4 Skills practice
For those not doing an open repeat do the following
A.Weighted Deadbug – 3×30-45-sec (hold dumbbells or kettlebells in both hands and perform Deadbug with lower body only – keep shoulder externally rotated and pull the shoulder blades together)
B. Band Resisted Supinated Pull-Ups – 3 reps @10X0 Tempo EMOM 9’ (light band, fast and explosive)
C1. Dumbbell Floor Press – 3×8-10 @20X1 Tempo; Rest 30-sec
C2. Single Arm Landmine Row – 3×6-8@20X1 Tempo; Rest 30-sec
C3. Prone T Raise (45 degree bench) – 3×8-10; Rest 30-sec
C4. Prone Y Raise (45 degree bench) – 3×8-10; Rest 120-sec
3 Rounds @85%
20/15 Calorie Row
15 Thrusters @95/65-lbs
9 C2B Pull-Ups
3 Rounds @85%
15/12 Calorie Assault Bike
9 Deadlifts @225/155-lbs

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